Advantages and disadvantages of white ink digital direct-injection printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-27
The power of the digital direct-injection printing machine itself is very small, the consumed ink is completely integrated into the fabric of the clothes, it is not volatile, has no peculiar smell, and does not require other auxiliary processes after the fixation, so the printing process can be completely zero emission. After printing, it takes a short time to fix the color. After all, the electricity consumption will not exceed 1 cent. Therefore, the white digital direct-injection printing is very environmentally friendly and pollution-free. In the era of increasingly strict environmental supervision, this is white ink. The core advantage of digital direct-injection printing machine, but also the core disadvantage of other printing machines. 2. Simple operation. The white ink digital direct-injection printing machine has high automation, low requirements on the skills of the operator, easy to operate, quick to get started, short training time, no operational obstacles, and the operator just plays up and down in the process Compared with traditional printing, which requires a higher technical threshold for the operator, the advantages of the material are quite large. Disadvantages of white ink digital direct-injection printing machine: 1. White ink is more expensive. White ink has always been in a monopoly state before, so the price of white ink is ridiculously high. When equivalent to the cost of printing one piece, it costs about five yuan for white ink alone (20* 30cm size pattern), and the color ink of the same size pattern only costs about 30 cents. At present, the price of white ink hinders the development of digital direct-injection printing machines. Although this is the disadvantage of white-ink digital direct-injection printing machines, Not enough to be fatal. 2. The application range is narrow. Textile white ink is only used for printing on pure cotton and high-cotton fabrics. Other fabrics such as chemical fibers cannot be used.
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