Advantages of cotton direct-injection cloth digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-21
The digital printing machine has the following advantages: 1. Good air permeability, 2. High color fastness, 3. Small footprint, 4. Zero emission, 5. Good printing effect, 6. Short process flow and simple operation. 1. Good air permeability. The cotton printed by the digital printing machine for pure cotton direct-injection cloth does not affect the texture and feel of the fabric itself. After printing, it feels very soft and smooth. Good air permeability brings unparalleled comfort. The first choice for high-end clothing. 2. The color fastness high-purity cotton direct-injection digital printing machine uses paint ink. After high temperature development, the ink molecules directly penetrate into the cotton molecules, so it has very good washing fastness, wind, sun and rain. The color will not fade after showering, and the pattern remains as bright as ever after hundreds of washes. 3. A small area occupied by a digital printing machine for pure cotton direct-injection cloth, as well as a matching sizing machine and tunnel furnace. The whole set covers an area of u200bu200bno more than 20 square meters, and construction can be started from a small facade. 4. The zero-emission pure cotton direct-injection digital printing machine is a non-polluting printing equipment that can truly achieve no waste water, waste gas, and non-volatile. The noise of the machine is very small, usually less than 30 decibels, and it is environmentally friendly. 5. The printing effect is good. It can be said that only the effect that the clothing designer can't conceive, and the effect that it can't print, make the clothing design no longer have limitations. 6. The process flow is short and the operation is simple. The pure cotton direct-injection piece cloth digital printing machine is simple, it only takes a few minutes from booting to the finished product, and the operation is also very simple. It can be said that it is truly foolish and intelligent.
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