Advantages of digital direct injection machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-03
The comfort of the T-shirt printed by the digital direct printing machine is recognized as No. 1, 2. The operation of the digital direct printing machine is very small, 3. The digital direct printing machine hardly has any pollution, 4. The digital direct printing machine The printed T-shirt effect is also outstanding. 1. Comfort The comfort of the heat transfer is the worst, it is too hard, and it is completely airtight. The silk-printed T-shirt feels no less inferior to the T-shirt printed by a digital direct-injection machine, but the air permeability is as good as digital. T-shirts printed by direct-injection machines are still not comparable at all. T-shirts printed by digital direct-injection machines not only have a very soft feel, but also have very good breathability, so they are very comfortable to wear and are high-end T-shirts. The best choice for clothing printing. 2. Difficulty of operation In the currently known T-shirt digital printing equipment, there is no printing equipment that is less difficult to operate than the digital direct-injection machine. In addition, the current digital direct-injection machine has a relatively high degree of automation. Therefore, the operator of the digital direct-injection machine simply pulls out the picture and repeats the two actions. 3. The environmental protection of the environmental protection digital direct injection machine is reflected in all aspects: A. No noise pollution, the mute effect is very good when the machine is running, the friction sound of the mechanical parts does not exceed 30 decibels B, zero emission, the digital direct injection machine is printing No waste water or waste gas is produced during the process, and the ink used on the machine has no peculiar smell and will not volatilize. C. Low power consumption. The power of the digital direct-injection machine is generally very small. If there is no need to install a high-power infrared dryer on the machine, its power is generally below 1000W. 4. Printing effect The digital direct-injection machine adopts digital ink-jet printing, and its effect is also No.1 among the current garment printing equipment.
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