Advantages of digital printing machine for pure cotton cloth

by:angelacrox     2021-09-12
There is no technical threshold for the operation of the digital printing machine. 3: There is no waste water or waste gas in the printing process. 4: The elastic cotton cloth can also be printed. 1. The process is simple. If you use the digital pure cotton cloth printing machine to print, there are few processes and no processing is required. Machine->printing->fixing. The processes of sizing, cooking, and soaping are all unnecessary. The operator only needs to put the cotton cloth on the machine, and after fixing the color, remove the cotton cloth from the machine. 2. Simple operation. The operation of the digital cotton cloth printing machine is also very simple. It adopts a touch-type LCD screen operation panel, a bilingual operation interface in Chinese and English, a fool-style operation menu, plus a power switch and a digital cotton cloth. There are no other buttons on the printing machine, but the simple operation does not mean that the digital cotton cloth printing machine is simple. This is the result of Yanyan’s engineering staff working hard day and night to optimize the ergonomics. 3. The original intention of zero-emission Yanyan's development of a digital cotton cloth printing machine with a conductive belt is to solve the problems of high emission, high energy consumption, and high water consumption of the active digital printing machine. The cloth printing machine is completely water-free and environmentally friendly, that is, it does not consume water resources during the production process, and it does not produce any emissions. 4. A wide range of printing. The traditional digital printing machine is powerless when it encounters a slightly stretchy cotton cloth, but the conductive belt digital cotton printing machine is handy when printing this kind of elastic cotton cloth. 5. Highly automated Yanyan conductive belt digital pure cotton cloth printing machine has a high degree of automation. Workers only need to put the cotton cloth on the machine, and the rest of the whole process does not require manual intervention, and the printing and color fixation can be done in one go. 6. Low labor cost. The Yanyan conductive belt digital pure cotton cloth printing machine simplifies the process and optimizes the ergonomics. The direct result is a high degree of automation and very low technical requirements for operation. One person can operate 5-10 sets. Compared with the traditional digital printing machine and active digital printing machine, the labor cost is negligible.
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