Advantages of garment digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-31
T-shirt printing machines have gradually come into people's sight. Although the cotton garment printing machine has certain disadvantages compared with the traditional manual printing, its advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Today, the editor of Yanyan brings you an introduction to the advantages of the cotton digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine. (Modern is not traditional) The cotton garment printing machine is made of paint direct inkjet water. The digital printing of cotton has the following characteristics: 1. The printed printed fabric has a bright and gorgeous color and good light stability. The pure cotton digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine can give the fabric a plump, dry and soft hand feeling, especially excellent rubbing fastness, and the wet and dry rubbing fastness can reach ≥4 grades (for reference only) when used correctly, and the washing fastness is excellent , The fabric has good air permeability. 2. The printing paste has excellent chemical and physical stability and is not affected by the components of the printing paste. Good permeability and easy cleaning of the garment printing machine. Pigment printing has a long history. A long time ago, people used water-insoluble pigments and added natural polymers such as proteins and glues as binding materials to adhere the pigments to the fabric. At that time, due to the limitation of chromatogram, and more importantly, the inadequacy of natural bonding materials such as inability to wash and feel bad, it was not suitable for clothing fabrics, which restricted the development of pigment printing. With the development of polymer chemistry, various series of adhesives and organic synthetic coatings have developed rapidly. Various coatings with complete chromatograms, bright colors and good fastness have come out one after another. Modern pigment printing products are wear-resistant, Flexure resistance, wrinkle resistance, hand rub resistance and washing resistance fully meet the requirements of taking. With the development of synthetic fibers and various forms of blended fabrics and the development of paint varieties, digital direct-injection printing has increasingly demonstrated its superiority. The improvement of adhesive properties, the emergence of synthetic pastes, and the application of hand-feel improvers have made digital direct-injection T-shirt printing opportunities more promising.
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