Advantages of garment fabric direct-injection printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-31
The substantial increase in the accuracy of direct-injection printing on apparel fabrics makes it possible to produce high-definition direct-injection printed textiles, allowing designers to break through the limitations of traditional fabric printing technology and give full play to their imagination. 2. There is no need to make a plate, the batch is flexible, not limited by the pattern, and the image can be modified arbitrarily, which can realize single-piece production or mass production, and the delivery speed is fast. Traditional printing requires plate making, toning, and proofing in advance. The more colors of the pattern, the more plates and the longer the preparation time; the smaller the production batch, the higher the production cost, and the slower the delivery speed. Therefore, traditional printing methods are not suitable for single-piece or small batch production according to customer requirements, and it is difficult to meet the individual needs of modern consumers. 3. Low energy consumption, low pollution and low noise. Direct-injection printing does not use water and color paste during the printing process. The ink used in the printing process is 'distributed on demand' by the computer. No waste water is generated during the entire printing process, and the noise is low. It is a real clean production technology. Traditional printing needs to wash the pattern, and the printed fabric needs a lot of washing and soaping to remove the floating color, which not only causes waste of dyes, auxiliaries, water resources and energy, but also serious pollution.
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