Advantages of textile direct injection machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-20
The textile direct injection machine has the following four outstanding features: low production cost and simple production process; strong applicability, not only can obtain the required printing effect, but also almost undoubtedly applicable to all fiber types; The scope includes color, feel and fastness, which are almost no longer different from the level of reactive dye printing; low environmental and ecological load, energy saving and time saving and safer. Therefore, the application of textile direct-injection machines continues to expand, coupled with the continuous improvement of its ecological protection performance, today has reached a very high technical level, and has achieved the dominant position of the printing machine. According to statistics, the number of textile direct-injection machines in printed fabrics in the world today exceeds 55% (reactive dye printing accounts for 24%, vat dye printing accounts for less than 5%, etc.), of which the United States accounts for 80% and India accounts for 60%. , my country is about 20%.
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