Analysis of printing profit of direct-injection printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-24
Direct-injection printing machine, do a good job in uniform color management, try to ensure that the same production can be synchronized, so that the requirements for operators are not high, don't worry about the problem of receiving an order and not knowing what T-shirt printing machine to use, so comprehensive manpower The cost is also low, because there is a stable production environment, mature consumables configuration, and a low defect rate, forming a high-end product brand and image. Fortunately, China, which has entered a middle-class society, has now got rid of the price-only business model. When buyers choose machines, they pay more attention to quality and post-service. In addition, low-end clothing has been transferred to Southeast Asia. Forcing enterprises to transform to high-end, it can be foreseen that low-end printing processing with low added value and low profit will eventually perish in China.
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