Analysis of the bottoming process of clothing digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-01
When the T-shirt printing machine prints clothes with dark fabrics, whether it is an imported T-shirt printer or a domestic brand clothing printing machine, it needs to be a primer. It is just a digital direct-injection T-shirt printer of a different brand. The method is slightly different. For example, the Epson modified T-shirt printer needs to spray a layer of white background and then spray the color ink again. Another example is Yanyan's multi-nozzle garment printing machine, which prints white ink and color ink at the same time, which is very efficient. The following editor will analyze the process of white ink primer: Firstly, light-colored fabrics. The ink of the T-shirt printing machine is water-based paint, so the ink is like dye, and the T-shirt printer can directly print beautifully on the clothes. No need to make any changes anymore. And dark colors like black, in the natural color system, any color is not darker than it, so black is the heaviest color. In the rules of nature, black can conceal the background color of any color, that is to say Regardless of any color, it can be concealed with black. Since there is no color to hide and black, so when proofing black clothes, you must make a white background first, and then make colorful, so that the color sprayed by the garment printing machine will not be distorted, it will also be visible and clear. Very high. Very suitable for personalized customers. Many people ask, why do you need to spray a pre-treatment liquid before making a white background? First of all, there is no need for light colors because the colorful inks for proofing in light colors are all water-based. The ink of the digital direct-injection T-shirt printer will soak part of it into the clothes, so pre-processing is generally not required. The dark color is not the same. The white background is not as low in concentration as the colorful ink, and there are many titanium dioxide components in it. This substance has the same components as the correction fluid sold in stationery stores, which acts as a concealment. But it is easy to plug, so there is usually a steel ball in the correction fluid. Shake it before use. The same is true. The pre-treatment liquid is equivalent to a self-adhesive or the same curing agent, which allows the white ink of the T-shirt printer and the surface of the dark clothes to be tightly combined. So this process is also indispensable, even for hundreds of thousands of original garment printing machines, this pre-treatment liquid is also a must. Therefore, the printing process of dark clothes is to spray the pre-treatment liquid first, then make the white background, make colorful again, and finally dry it.
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