Analysis of the Causes of Digital Printing Printing Ghosting

by:angelacrox     2021-09-07
For digital printing machine nozzle calibration problems, try to recalibrate the nozzles. If the steps still cannot solve the problem, then the following three reasons should be considered.  2. If the misalignment ratio is about 0.5 cm or larger, it is usually caused by the excessive resistance of the electrode. First check the belt of the digital printing machine, or the grating. If the problem cannot be solved, you need to change the battery. 3. If the displacement of the digital printing machine is greater than 0.5 cm, or there is less dislocation, first clean the large copper sleeves and copper sleeves. After cleaning, if the misalignment cannot be solved, replace with new copper. Set.  4. If it is integrated into a parallelogram ramp, in the actual processing process, after processing with a raster decoder, if the problem still cannot be solved, it is best to replace the digital printing machine raster.
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