Analysis of the phenomenon of thread pulling on the leather digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-25
The thing printed by the leather printing machine is different from the sample brought back by the manufacturer or the thing printed when it was just bought back. The most likely thing is that the printing effect is not as good as before, such as blur, double image, serious brushing, just printing. The things that came out looked like they were coming out one after another, which affected the effect. They couldn’t produce qualified things and couldn’t deliver them. The customers didn’t make them for themselves because they disliked the orders, so they went to other places to make them. Money, using tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands to give birth to millions or even millions, this time is fine, the leather digital printing machine bought with hard-earned or borrowed money may change one's life, and this life It’s not for good, but to make it possible for myself to get in for a lifetime. Today I will focus on how to solve the wire drawing of the leather printing machine? First, analyze the wire drawing caused by several reasons: the first aspect, the nozzle hole Clogging, this is a problem that leather printing machines often encounter during the printing process. Leather digital printing machines are dot matrix printing, which is composed of a certain density (DPI) dots. Therefore, if any one of the nozzle holes is blocked, it may cause no silk. This is often referred to as wire drawing. The second aspect is the oblique spraying of the nozzle holes. The so-called oblique spraying means that the ink dots can be sprayed out. But it is not sprayed to the position where it should be sprayed. In this way, a white line appeared where it was supposed to be sprayed, and a darker line appeared next to it. Aiming at the problem of nozzle clogging and oblique spraying, why is it clogging, why is the oblique nozzle, there are many reasons for this, and then Shenyang Zhongye exclusively analyzes from four points: 1: It is the reason for the quality of the leather digital printing machine, one A good leather printing machine must be well-tested on the battlefield. We often say that the things that can be bought are not valuable. The real valuables are some intangibles, such as experience and technological precipitation. These intangibles are just the same. Some large manufacturers have spent years of money in exchange for it, and the result is that the leather digital printing machine is mature, stable, durable, failure rate, and able to work continuously. Many people only consider the hardware when buying equipment. I think that the bad money is the black-hearted money made by the manufacturer, and then I am a layman. I listened to some salesmen flicking and then bought a cheap leather printing machine. But I didn’t expect this to be the beginning of a nightmare. The cheap leather digital printing machine has no accumulation of invisible experience and technical precipitation, thus reducing the cost of this part of the research and development, so the leather printing machine is naturally cheaper, but this is also the most terrible point. Buy the leather digital printing machine. However, due to the lack of experience of the manufacturer, many problems have never been encountered. Naturally, there are a lot of problems that cannot be overcome. The design of the leather printing machine is unreasonable, and the software debugging and optimization are not in place, which leads to the instability of the machine. , Thereby affecting the performance of the nozzle. 2: It’s the reason for the ink, which is very important. The ink of the same type of nozzles on the market nowadays is 400 yuan for some manufacturers, 500 yuan for some manufacturers, and 600 yuan for some manufacturers. Even the ink for imported machines may be thousands. Could it be that the cheap ink manufacturer is a great conscience discovery, and it is only for the sake of customers, is it that the expensive manufacturer is making money for ink, the so-called so-called money for the goods, no matter how simple the truth is, but many customers are still on this top? I have suffered a loss. The pictures are cheap, the cheap ink has simple ingredients, simple production process, and simple post-processing. The final result is that the chemical composition of the ink is unqualified, the ink impurities are not completely filtered, and the nozzle clogging does not take long. condition. 3: One reason is the problem of machine maintenance. This link may cause oblique spray and blockage at the same time. The environment is very important. It must be clean and tidy. It must not be mixed with other machines. The popular thing is to make the leather digital printing machine work. White-collar workers, living in an office, and blowing air conditioners, the size should be moderate, not too big or too small (because the leather digital printing machine needs negative pressure, the normal temperature of negative pressure is 22-35 degrees, too High or low problems may cause the negative pressure to be unstable, which will affect the printing effect) The print head is very precise, and in the case of a poor environment, dust particles may be adsorbed to the surface of the print head more and faster, and the siltation will block the nozzles and cause oblique spray. Or clogging occurs. 4: Frequency of use, this is also very important, just like a human being for a long time, you also need to stop and rest to recover from fatigue, such as drinking water, eating and eating, replenishing and adjusting, and then re-optimizing When put into work, the leather printing machine is the same. After working for a long time, mechanical fatigue will occur. I believe that most mechanical things are known to be made of metal, and thermal expansion will occur when used for a long time. The expansion value of various accessories is different, so the result is mechanical deformation, which affects the overall performance of the leather digital printing machine, so the best thing is that the machine generally works for about three hours and will be shut down for half an hour to let the leather print. Cool all parts of the machine, add oil, lubricants and the like. Knowing the reason for the drawing of the leather digital printing machine, and what consequences will it cause, I believe that the historical and harmful relationship is very clear, so I hope you treat the exaggerated analogy of the machine as your own relatives. Only if you do this , In order to produce a good catalytic reaction.
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