Apparel digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine has unlimited scenery

by:angelacrox     2021-08-31
For T-shirt printing machines, Yanyan continues to improve its software and hardware capabilities, strives to provide customers with the highest quality hardware and software integrated solutions, and establishes the most comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service mechanism. It is the guarantee of this series of hardware and software strengths that Yanyan has achieved great growth. In the past, the traditional digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine could only produce a few meters per hour. Breaking through the 100-meter-per-hour checkpoint is a fantasy for Yanyan. Now the digital direct-injection garment printing machine has developed to the fastest 300 meters. /Hour, if calculated by 20 hours a day, it can reach a production capacity of 6000 meters. This change has enabled the company's delivery speed and order volume to be improved in both directions.
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