Apparel e-commerce weapon-6090 digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-31
Digital printing machine. In the small-batch personalized clothing market, Yanyan also provides you with a small digital and fast production solution. Small digital direct-injection T-shirt printing uses the micro-piezo print head of an inkjet printer for textiles. A new printing process where the ink is sprayed on the surface of the fabric and penetrates into the fiber to fix the color. This printing method overturns the traditional printing process that has been inherited for thousands of years in the past. The printing can be directly controlled by a computer, which is convenient and fast, and can show richer colors and more details. The 6090 small digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine launched by our company is suitable for e-commerce and factory ready-to-wear samples, various event clothing, club clothing, parent-child suits, company clothing, catering clothing and other personalized small-batch clothing. It occupies a small area. , The investment is also small, the business license is one year old, the company and legal person credit is no problem, and installment payment can also be provided, and the down payment is 30%. At the same time, the 6090 small digital direct-injection pure cotton T-shirt printing machine also has the following advantages: 1. High efficiency: Although the 6090 digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine is a small printing machine, the machine is big and the efficiency is not low. The configuration of the print head, when printing dark fabrics, the white color comes out at the same time, it is very easy to make three to five hundred pieces a day, which is basically enough for clothing e-commerce. 2. Fast and convenient, less craftsmanship, labor saving, generally only need to buy ready-made garments, and then package and ship after printing, which is just right for the current fast delivery of e-commerce! 3. It is easy to interact with customers, and the patterns that customers need are designed and made immediately, or they can be made immediately, which is convenient for participating in the design and production with users, and the user experience is strong. 4. Good hand feeling. Because the ink particles of digital printing are extremely fine and can reach nanometer level, they can easily penetrate into the fiber voids of the fabric. It has fastness and does not affect the soft and comfortable characteristics of the fabric itself. In contrast, traditional screen printing uses glue-based inks, and the ink layer is thicker and attached to the surface of the fabric. It feels hard and airtight; 5. Environmental protection, digital printing is the most environmentally friendly The printing method can basically achieve zero emissions. Work can even be carried out in the home or office building. Digital printing also has the lowest power requirements, only a few tenths of a kilowatt-hour per hour, which can be said to truly meet the requirements of low-carbon and environmental protection. In the traditional printing method, the discharge of waste water and waste gas is extremely high, and the existence of screen printing plants is not allowed at all around cities in European and American countries. The emission of thermal transfer printing in the production process is slightly higher than that of digital printing, but the material it uses is generally PVC. Internationally, it is generally recognized that clothing made of plastic products is harmful to the human body and is not allowed to be imported. Therefore, there is no international brand that uses thermal transfer printing for T-shirt printing. 6. Low investment and quick recovery! In the current era of high sex, the personalization of clothing has become popular. Whether it is family parent-child clothing, couple suits, or personalized theme catering clothing, the demand is increasing, basically to the level of popularization, not to mention some industrial production. As long as you have business channels for ready-to-wear samples, various event clothing, club clothing, etc., for this kind of small investment, fast return is undoubtedly an excellent choice. Of course, investment needs to be cautious! You need to have a certain understanding of product sales channels, no business is waiting.
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