Basic maintenance of digital direct injection machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-03
The principle of the digital direct injection machine is the same, and the machines are all the same. The only difference is the details and the rationality of the mechanical design. The operation is actually the same. The rest is the craftsmanship. The maturity of the craftsmanship determines the printed output. The difference in product effect and yield rate, etc., so this is very important. 2. To be familiar with the conventional accessories of the direct-injection machine Bumps and occasional losses are inevitable. A digital printing machine contains thousands of accessories, which may often need to be replaced in the later use and protection process. You must be familiar with the key functions on the control panel of the digital direct printing machine. . 3. To be familiar with the printer control software and the various settings of the RIP software. The print output of the direct inkjet printer is to convert the patterns that the printer control software can recognize through the RIP software, and then the printer control software drives the digital printer to print the patterns we want. ; Therefore, a series of operations are required before the direct printing machine prints, such as the installation and setting of the RIP software, the setting of the printer control software, the installation of the dongle driver, the installation of the USB driver, etc., everything is ready before the direct printing machine can start Run online. 4. It is necessary to develop the habit of regular and scientific maintenance of the direct injection machine. The life of the direct injection machine is directly proportional to the maintenance. Only regular and scientific maintenance can maximize the life of the machine. Otherwise, the service life of the nozzle is also proportional to the maintenance. , The later operating costs of digital direct inkjet printers are mainly concentrated in ink and nozzles. The ink is proportional to the order, but the nozzles are proportional to maintenance. If the maintenance is not good, the cost of nozzle consumption will be uncontrollable. The printing effect of the digital direct-injection printing machine is directly proportional to the maintenance. Only when the T-shirt printing machine is regularly and scientifically maintained, can the T-shirt printing machine always maintain the best working condition, and the printing effect and yield rate can maintain a high level.
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