Bronzing paper

by:angelacrox     2021-08-28
Bronzing paper is commonly known as anodized aluminum in northern my country. It is composed of a polyester film (PET) and a multi-layer chemical coating on its surface. The thickness of polyester film is usually 12 microns. Some of the coatings are used to produce a decorative effect, and some coatings are used to control the performance of the bronzing paper. Different coatings are suitable for different substrates. The role of the aluminum layer is to produce a reflective effect, which is formed by condensing the aluminum wire on the bronzing paper under ultra-low vacuum conditions after being melted and sublimated at a high temperature.

The type and model of bronzing paper are different for what kind of substrate. For example: the HB type anodized aluminum of Lexix Technology is used on the fabric, and if you want to hot stamp it on the plastic, it will definitely not match. Another example: the GS series of Le Decoration Technology is used on glass bottles and you use it on paper, which is not acceptable. Another example: the RG series of Lexix Technology is used on plastic products, but you can use it on glass products, but it won’t work. Therefore, when users choose hot stamping paper, in addition to considering the color and price of the hot stamping paper, the hot stamping substrate (plastic, paper, cloth, glass, etc.) and its surface condition (with or without ink, spraying, etc.) must be The supplier stated that in this way can we correctly choose the bronzing paper suitable for our products.
General plastic hot stamping paper: For the diversity of plastics, products of Japan LUSTER, Japan KOMA, Japan OIKE, Germany KURZ, South Korea KOLON and other companies can provide hot stamping foil on various materials. For cosmetic packaging: PE hose, PP bottle cap, ABS bottle body, glass coating, etc.
Hot stamping paper electronic plastic hot stamping paper: In terms of shell panels, Japan LUSTER, Japan REIKO (Liguang), U.S. CFC, Germany KURZ are committed to launching the popular mirror, brushed and brushed foil and bright gold and silver products in this industry. We have close business relationships with well-known domestic and foreign companies such as TCL, SONY, SHARP, etc.    paper hot stamping paper: Japan LUSTER, Japan NAKAI, South Korea ITW, KOLON, American Crown, British API and other brands, can provide hot stamping on different papers And various hot stamping foils (gold, silver, red, blue, green, black, white), laser foil, colorful foil, colorful foil on the laminated film, widely used in cigarette cases, wine boxes, greeting cards, calendars, lottery tickets (scratch ) And other paper products.   Fabric bronzing paper: According to the special requirements of fabrics such as washing resistance, imported fabrics such as Germany, Taiwan, Japan LUSTER and other imported bronzing foils for printing, the fastness and brightness can reach the international standard test.   Bronzing auxiliary materials: there are bronzing plates, bronzing wheels, foil cutters and other bronzing auxiliary materials. The bronzing plates and bronzing wheels are divided into two types, Japan and Taiwan, and are durable.
Introduction to performance Hot stamping temperature: 150-160℃   Hot stamping time: 0.4-0.7S   Main colors: gold, silver, red, blue, black, etc.   Product features: Anodized aluminum hot stamping foil is the material of choice for hot stamping various colors and texts on paper, printing ink, plastic, wood, leather, cardboard, cloth and other surfaces. The pattern is clear, beautiful, colorful, dazzling, wear-resistant, and weather-resistant.
Application range: Laser color film: suitable for laminating handbags, wrapping paper, gift boxes, etc. (there are colors of gold, red, blue, green, purple, pink, etc.).  Pure color film: (no laser image) divided into matte and bright film. Suitable for laminating handbags, wrapping paper, gift boxes, etc. (with gold, red, blue, green, purple, pink and other colors). Laser aluminized film (silver film): 1. Suitable for flexible packaging (for interlayer), printable; 2. Suitable for laminating handbags, wrapping paper, gift boxes, etc., and printable. Laser transparent film: suitable for laminating ordinary paper products such as books, magazines, paper boxes, cards, etc. Laser meson film:    , suitable for laminating paper products such as high-end medicine boxes, wine boxes, gift boxes, etc. Its characteristics are: strong laser brightness, The laser image cannot be erased.  Laser transfer film:    Laser image can be transferred to plastic products, cloth, etc..., it is also suitable for making partial anti-counterfeiting packaging. Laser paper: suitable for packaging of cigarette boxes, wine boxes, etc.  
Others: OPP, PET, PVC ordinary aluminized film (also can accept the processing of aluminum plating) Anodized aluminum hot stamping foil is a method of heating and pressure to transfer your pattern or text to the hot stamping material surface. This requires you to have a hot stamping machine. Then you need to make a plate of the text or pattern you want (such as: lead plate, copper plate, etc.), and heat it to the required temperature. Then put the product on it, and apply appropriate pressure to keep it for 0.4-0.7 seconds. The exquisite patterns are vividly visible. It should be noted that when hot stamping different materials, you should choose the right model product, and choose the right temperature, pressure, and stamping time to achieve the ideal stamping effect.
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