Can direct-injection printing replace manual printing?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-24
Can digital direct printing machines really replace manual printing? What are the differences between the two printing processes? Next, Yanyan’s editor will explain in detail:    As a traditional classic garment printing process, manual printing has a wide range of applications and a relatively high proportion in the printing industry. In recent years, digital printing has developed rapidly. Few people think there will be a trend to replace manual printing. Because digital direct-injection machines can use a wide range of inks, including acid ink, reactive ink, paint ink, and disperse ink, the different ink injections have different fabrics. However, the materials that can be printed by digital direct-injection machines are still not the same. Far less than manual printing. Basically, this problem does not exist in manual printing, basically all clothing fabrics take it all. However, its format size is limited. The biggest advantage of the digital direct spray grille is mainly concentrated in the fineness of colors and patterns. The color of traditional manual printing is based on the four-color dots collision, and the other is controlled by the pre-press ink color mixing. The color display is not as good as the direct-injection printing. From this, we can see the gap between direct jet printing and manual printing. Ok, so much has been said about the pros and cons between the two, whether direct-injection printing can replace manual printing, let's distinguish by yourself.
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