Can the digital printing machine print 3D patterns?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-12
Can the digital printing machine print out 3D pattern effects? The answer is yes. At present, the digital printing machines on the market are basically designed with a variety of printing modes for customers to choose, which can cope with various printing conditions. Then, in the daily production of your digital printing machine, the printing 3D effect may be unsatisfactory, the color is not layered, and the color is dim. Why? What should we do? What problems should we pay attention to in order to avoid this kind of situation? We need to know why the conduction belt digital printing machine can choose multiple printing modes, and can print multiple colors at once, instead of the traditional printing that requires color registration? That's because the current digital printing machine on the market adopts multi-color control technology, so most digital printing machines have eight-color control, and the color area is relatively wide. Multi-color control technology can adjust each color from 1 to 9 color changes according to the depth by controlling the ink drop density, so it can fully cope with all kinds of color printing, and can print white ink and varnish to make the color brighter. Going to the next level, so that the printed products have a lifelike 3D imaging effect. However, the color management system does not work so well. A series of prescribed processes must be followed to achieve the expected color effects. This requires us to understand the core elements of the color management system: device calibration and characterization. (Characterization) and color conversion (Conuersion).
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