Can the digital printing machine print jerseys?

by:angelacrox     2021-09-07
The digital printing machine prints the dispersed ink on the transfer paper, and then transfers it to the cloth with a roller machine. It has more than ten years of craftsmanship and is very mature, but it can only print white polyester, and the printed pattern is not Penetrate to the back of the fabric. So our current jerseys are generally white on the inside and printed on the outside, and the colors on both sides are different. Therefore, the semi-finished ball can be printed, usually white polyester fabric, the whole piece or the cut piece can be printed, and after the digital printing machine is printed, it is cut and spliced. Let’s talk about finished jerseys. The finished jerseys are generally dark, such as green, yellow, red, and blue. Usually there are a little more of these colors. White jerseys are basically not. Only white fabrics are considered light colors. , The others are considered dark, so the finished ball cannot be printed with a digital printing machine. How about the number on the back of the customized jersey and the logo on the chest? Generally, the logo of the chest product is embroidered by the machine, and the player numbers on the back are printed by hand by silk screen printing. These are not printed by digital printing machines.
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