Classification of textile digital printing machines

by:angelacrox     2021-08-20
The T-shirt printing machine is directly printed on cotton-containing fabrics, and then fixed at high temperature. The patterns are also very bright. The color fastness of light-colored fabrics can reach level 4, and the color fastness of dark-colored fabrics is similar to that of silk screen printing. Printing on dark fabrics is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It can only be printed on one side and cannot penetrate to the other side. The cost of printing on dark fabrics is relatively high. Only fabrics with higher cotton content and other natural fiber fabrics of animals and plants can be printed. Most cotton-printed T-shirts now use this technology. In recent years, with the pure cottonization and individualization of clothing and home textile fabrics, this digital printing machine is in a stage of rapid growth. 3. Belt-type digital printing machine: The belt-type digital printing machine is mainly used to print fabrics with higher cotton content and other natural fiber fabrics of animals and plants, mainly for printing cotton-containing cloth, but also for printing pieces and ready-made garments. In fact, it is also a digital direct-injection printing machine. It can be replaced with a special polyester ink to print polyester towels, polyester velvet fabrics and other hairy fabrics, such as towels, velvet pillows, etc., and the effect is much better than thermal transfer. Its process flow Like the flat-panel direct-injection digital printing machine, the color fastness and color vividness are very good, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, suitable for large-scale industrial cotton fabric printing. 4. Ellipse digital printing machine: Ellipse digital printing machine is also a digital printing machine. Strictly speaking, it is a combination of digital printing machine and elliptical machine. It is a combination of digital printing and traditional screen printing. The fabric has many advantages such as low cost, high efficiency, and high degree of automation, but it has a natural defect that is not environmentally friendly. If the environmental protection problem of silk screen printing cannot be improved, this kind of machine will eventually be eliminated.
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