Clothes pattern printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-20
T-shirt printing machine, the smallest flat-panel digital printing machine among multi-jet printing heads. This is the most common printing machine for clothes pattern. There are a variety of nozzle configurations to choose from. Epson 5th, 5113, 10th, etc., the number of nozzles is generally 2 , The speed is about 300~1200 pieces/day. It mainly prints cotton pieces and ready-made garments. The cost of printing light-colored fabrics is about 0.3 yuan, and the cost of printing dark-colored fabrics is about 5 yuan. Other multi-jet common digital direct printing Jet printing machines include: 1225, 1625, 1835, etc. These models have dual nozzles and four nozzles configuration. Except for speed and size, there is no difference from 6090. It can be combined with manual silk screen white background to solve DuPont white ink background. The problem of high cost can also solve the problem that polyester fabrics cannot be printed. 2. Ellipse digital printing machine The model in the picture above is an octopus ellipse digital printing machine. This type of machine is a combination of an elliptical screen printing machine and a digital direct printing machine. The problem of the high cost of digital direct-injection printing of dark fabrics, and it can also eat all fabrics such as cotton, polyester, nylon, etc. The efficiency is very high. A machine can produce about 2000 pieces in 10 hours, and it only costs 40 cents to print a piece of clothing. The left and right consumables have a high degree of automation, automatic silk screen white background, automatic digital direct-injection printing, and automatic drying, but they also have the same disadvantages. The production process is not environmentally friendly. Large-scale clothing factories like to use this kind of clothing pattern printing machine. . 3. Thermal transfer The machine in the picture above is dye sublimation printing, mainly printing polyester horses, width 1.6, 1.8, 1.9 meters are more common, the cost of consumables per square meter is about 1.8 yuan, the more common is the dual Epson 5113 nozzle configuration More, the printing is about 35-50 square meters per hour. Automatic feeding, automatic air drying, additional heating system. As few people wear polyester fabric clothes at present, this kind of clothes pattern printing machine has begun to go downhill.
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