Clothing digital printing machine is the direction of printing technology

by:angelacrox     2021-09-01
Digital printing machines can use digital patterns, and the number of colors of digital printing products can theoretically reach 16.7 million, which breaks through the chromatographic limitation of traditional textile printing and dyeing patterns, especially in the printing of high-precision patterns such as color gradients and moiré. The garment printing machine has unparalleled advantages in technology. In addition, there is no need for the concept of 'flower back' in the process of the digital garment printing machine, which greatly expands the space for textile pattern design and improves the quality of the product. 3. The production of digital garment printing machine truly realizes the production process of small batch and quick response, and the production batch is not subject to any restriction. Since the production process of the clothing digital printing machine all realizes the computerized digital production, the production flexibility is greatly improved, and some products can even be delivered on the same day, which is immediately desirable. When printing a series of patterns with different tones of the same pattern, as well as the designer's continuous modification of the colors of the patterns during the production process, it has become a major technical advantage of the digital garment printing machine that is different from the traditional printing production. 4. The high-precision printing process makes it unnecessary to use water and color paste during the printing process. In the printing process, there is no waste of dyestuffs, no waste water, no noise, so that no pollution occurs during the printing process of the clothing digital printing machine, and the green production process is realized, so that the production of textile printing can get rid of the high energy consumption in the past. The high-pollution and high-noise production process has realized a low energy consumption and pollution-free production process, and brought a technological revolution to the production of textile printing and dyeing. The four major advantages of digital garment printing machines have become mainstream production methods in the Western printing industry. More than 90% of the companies in the European printing industry have adopted digital clothing printing machines. These companies generally believe that the digital printing machine has fast proofing response, low proofing cost, and good effect consistency. The digital clothing printing machine has become an indispensable part of the European printing industry. Tool of. The overall solution has achieved good results.
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