Clothing pattern design and the development of digital printing machine technology are complementary to each other

by:angelacrox     2021-09-02
Digital printing machines can’t print it. If it’s in the era of hand-printing, even if the clothing pattern designers have three heads and six arms, they are limited to a few simple monochrome color blocks. The imagination is not enough. It is really constrained by the limitations of traditional printing technology, but in the era of digital printing machines, this is not a problem, so clothing pattern design and the development of digital printing machine technology are mutually complementary. The following editor of Yanyan will talk about the influence of digital printing machine technology on clothing pattern design in detail: 1. The composition of the clothing printing pattern is innovative and new. Compared with the traditional printing pattern, the digital printing machine breaks through the unit pattern sequence. The limitation of cyclic arrangement, the size of the repeating unit can also be determined freely, and the concept of fabric margins can be ignored within a certain range. In particular, the advantages of digital printing machines in pattern positioning and piece printing have opened up the diversity of clothing fabric composition methods. 2. The design concept of clothing printing patterns is expressed more powerfully. The high precision of digital printing machines can realize the design and creation of exquisite pictures and details, which provides convenience for designers to carry out conceptual design and artistic creation, and enriches the decorative patterns in clothing. Function and meaning. 3. The decorative effects of clothing printing patterns are rich and varied. The digital printing machine can realize the performance of various complex patterns, breaking through the technological limitations of traditional printing. Through the changes in pattern design and creative methods, the visual field of clothing fabric pattern effects has been expanded, and special pattern effects that are full of changes have been produced, which has promoted the popularity of clothing fabric pattern innovation effects, and increased the interest and vividness of clothing. 4. The materials for clothing printing patterns are more extensive. Digital printing machines use scanning or computer-made methods to present all materials in the form of digital patterns, through changes and combinations of computer-related design software, to present novel visual images. The use and expansion of materials has a positive impact on the designer's creative thinking and design consciousness, and enhances the originality of the pattern. 5. The color of clothing printing patterns is more free. The digital printing machine breaks through the color limitation of traditional printing, can flexibly create color combinations, quickly change colors, and easily complete the performance of color gradients, moiré and realistic colors. The pattern of the digital printing machine is not affected by the number of colors and the registration error of the screen. The pattern is vivid in color and rich in layers. With the quilted texture, it gives people a great imagination. 5. The realization of garment printing patterns is fast and convenient. Compared with the cumbersome process of traditional printing technology in sample printing, the digital printing machine greatly simplifies the production process of garment sample printing, shortens the production cycle of garment samples, and makes printing patterns It can be quickly and conveniently realized on clothing fabrics. The digital printing machine is also very flexible in the realization of clothing. It can print on clothing fabrics and ready-made clothing, and can also print on clothing pieces to achieve the overall or partial printing performance of clothing.
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