Collection of common failures of pure cotton direct-injection T-shirt printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-21
In the electrical control box of the T-shirt printing machine, check the power supply, and then whether the servo data line is normal. Through these two steps, these two problems are basically solved. 2. There are two possibilities for this situation caused by horizontal white and black bars or imaginary edges during printing: 1. The nozzle is clogged or jetting obliquely. 2: Inaccurate stepping solution: 1. Clean the nozzle of the T-shirt printing machine. 2. Reset the step value of the print control software. 3. There are also two possibilities for the jagged printing of straight lines: 1. The fabric is stretched too wide, and the ink shrinks after being printed on the fabric, resulting in jagged. 2. Adhesiveness of the tape guide is not enough, and the fabric has shifted during printing. Solution: Re-applying new Taiwan rubber can generally solve this problem. 4. When printing, the fabric offset caused this situation. It may be that the fabric was not fixed to the left and right positions when the fabric was fed. Solution: When the fabric was put on the machine, adjust the left and right positions appropriately. 5. The T-shirt printing machine started to be normal, but suddenly White streaks or broken wires are usually caused by clogging of the nozzles, just clean the nozzles. 6. When printing, the printing is normal for a while, and there may be three reasons for the white or black stripes: 1. Stretching occurs for a long time in the conduction belt. 2. The cloth at the cloth feed is too thick. 3. Resolve the problem of too fast or too high when taking up the cloth: 1. Tighten the guide belt. 2. The size of the cloth roll is appropriate. 3. In fact, there are only so many common faults in the adjustment and collection device. Other problems are beyond the scope of Xiangyu editor's knowledge. You can contact Yanyan's after-sales engineer to solve them.
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