Collection of ink head failures of clothing printers

by:angelacrox     2021-09-01
The maintenance of the garment printing machine in the later stage is actually mainly the maintenance of the ink head of the printing machine. Xiangyu’s editor today sorted out these problems related to the ink head, so that they can be used as a backup. 1. The ink cart suddenly stopped for a few seconds during the printing process, and then automatically continued. Solution: Replace the USB data cable. The length of the data cable should be within 3 meters. Use Super Category 5 cable or optical fiber to transmit data. Change to a higher computer with a computer. 2. No ink from the ink head. Solution There is no ink in the ink bottle or ink bag, just refill the ink. The ink head data cable is loose, plug it in again. If the ink head is scrapped, replace it with a new ink head. If the board is faulty, replace it with a new one. 3. The ink head falls to the ink. Solution: It may be too cold and the ink fluency is reduced. You can install an air conditioner that can heat up. Part of the nozzle hole of the ink head is blocked, and the cleaning is complete. If the ink path is broken, replace it with a new ink path. If the ink is added too much, the ink should be below the warning line. 4. Reasons for intermittent lines during printing on clothing printers and solutions: there are impurities in the ink tube, all the ink is replaced, there are impurities in the ink sac, the cleaning ink sac is contaminated, and all the inks may be replaced with inferior inks. Replace with high-quality inks. The temperature is too low and the condition of the air-conditioning nozzle itself is not good. Replace the nozzle ink tube, there is air in the ink bag, and the surface of the air nozzle is sucked out. The ink scraper is not clean. Just clean it.
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