Color gamut analysis of leather digital printer

by:angelacrox     2021-08-25
When the leather printer prints dark-colored materials, it must first draw a layer of white color with the same size as the picture, and then print in the white color. This method perfectly meets the printing problems of any color data medium. Today's leather printing machine has the widest color gamut of 8 colors, that is, the general 6 colors + white ink + varnish. White ink and varnish printing have broken through the bottleneck of leather printers and enriched the printing texture. White ink should be used for the bottom layer. White ink can be used for spot color, underlay and whitening. After the white color base is laid, the color has a place to rely on, which can be prominently displayed on the dark-colored substrate, showing the perfect texture. It should be noted that the whitening of leather digital printers should be accurate. Do not let the white color appear on the color margins. This will damage the vividness of the real picture. The texture of the whitening is all reflected in the color. The whitening itself is not visible. . White ink printing broadens the application field for leather printers. However, the white ink printing skills of leather printing machines are still developing, and the leather digital printers should be stimulated by further technical reforms.
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