Compared with traditional manual printing, the advantages of cotton T-shirt printing machine are prominent

by:angelacrox     2021-08-23
The advantages of the T-shirt printing machine are fatal enough. Just a green, environmentally friendly and pollution-free one. The cotton direct-injection T-shirt printer is enough to ravage the traditional hand printing thousands of times, and the cotton T-shirt printing machine can also print very complicated. No need to make a plate, these are all impossible with traditional hand printing. The editor of Yanyan will talk about traditional hand printing VS cotton T-shirt printing machine in detail: now, the printing industry is in a downturn, regardless of whether it is affected by it. The impact of the deterioration of the external economic environment and the adjustment of the internal industrial structure have brought certain difficulties to the development of enterprises, not to mention the increasing pressure on domestic environmental protection in the past two years. This is also a test of the ability of enterprises to respond. Can quickly grasp the market trend and grasp the needs of customers. As a leading company in the industry, Yanyan Technology Co., Ltd. not only has rich industry experience and strong independent research and development capabilities, but also has been paying attention to the development of the market, collecting market information in a timely manner, understanding the latest industry information, and tapping the core needs of customers. Therefore, the new product launched by Qiya Digital Technology-direct injection machine, has good feedback from customers. Cotton T-shirt printer VS traditional manual printing: 1. High-speed, high-precision, new high-speed nozzle system adopts original imported equipment. The cotton direct-injection T-shirt printing machine with high-precision nozzles has a variety of modes to meet the needs of high-precision and high-quality printing. 2. Extensive application fields: The cotton T-shirt printer adopts the latest color control and management system. Can directly spray cotton, cut pieces of cloth, and woven at the same time! Third, high working efficiency: the four-jet cotton T-shirt printing machine has a working efficiency of 120 square meters per hour. 4. 3D effect: The cotton T-shirt printer can be used for ready-to-wear, cut pieces, and horses, and can be printed on dark fabrics such as black and red. It can directly spray out realistic 3D effects for ready-to-wear garments, soft, comfortable, Breathability!
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