Compared with traditional printing machines, what are the aspects of cotton direct-injection printing machines?

by:angelacrox     2021-08-21
Is the cotton digital direct-injection printing machine better or the traditional one? Next, Dongguan Yanyan will give you an analysis. Nowadays, cotton direct printing pk system printing tradition-digital direct injection printing 1. In the production process of printing, there are many processes such as color separation, drawing, film making, and screen making. The cycle of traditional proofing is generally about one week; 2. In traditional printing, Once the designer’s sample is determined, it is a very tedious task to modify it; 3. The traditional printing and dyeing production is limited by the color registration and the length of the pattern, the space for textile pattern design is small, and the product grade is low; 4. Traditional Water color paste, high energy consumption, high pollution 5. It is difficult to ensure the consistency of the pattern; nowadays-digital direct-injection printing machine 1. Accept the diversity of pattern printing methods, everything can be completed by computer, and the general proofing time does not exceed one Working day; 2. The design sample can be modified at will on the computer to fully express the designer’s concept; 3. Digital direct-injection printing adopts 8 basic colors (quaternary colors and dark blue, light red, light blue, Orange) Theoretically, 16.77 million colors can be expressed, especially in the printing of high-precision patterns such as color gradients and moiré. Digital printing has unparalleled technical advantages; 4. The dyeing process in the printing process Using the computer 'distribution on demand' there is almost no waste of dyes and waste water, realizing green production; 5. The computer automatically memorizes the color data, and the color data remains unchanged during mass production, ensuring small and large samples, batches and batches Consistency between. The production process of small batches and quick response is truly realized, and the production batch is not subject to any restrictions. Advantages of digital direct-injection printing machine 1. The printing steps are extremely simple, and only a computer is required. An operator can perform printing operations completely independently, saving manpower and material resources, and the method is simple, which is immediately desirable. The experience of the operator is not high, as long as they understand simple image processing software. 2. Strong adaptability, the flat-panel digital direct-injection printing machine adapts to the printing of a variety of materials in the market. 3. The quickness of sample-making, you can sample and see the effect within 10 minutes. 4. It is very suitable for printing pictures with rich colors and gradient colors. The features of Xiangyu pure cotton direct-injection digital printing machine: 1. Four Epson fifth-generation high-precision nozzles, continuously and stably outputting delicate images. 2. It is suitable for cotton, silk, linen, wool, nylon, polyester and other fabrics, with a wide range of compatibility. 3. Automatic belt cleaning and drying device. 4. No plate making, fast printing and low cost, various output softwares can be used, and various file formats are supported. 5. One-step completion, print and take, to meet the needs of quick samples and finished products. 6. Equipped with special color processing software for textile digital printing, which can change the color anytime and anywhere without paying additional fees. 7. Full-color image, complete at one time, progressive color fully achieves the photo quality effect, precise positioning, and almost zero rejection rate
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