Comparison between digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine and traditional printing

by:angelacrox     2021-09-05
Because of its environmental protection and pollution-free characteristics, the T-shirt printing machine has become a flying pig in the air. The following editor of Yanyan will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of several printing technologies in detail: 1. Flat screen printing: There are three types of flat screen printing: manual platen type, semi-automatic plate type, and automatic plate type. However, its plate making is convenient, with a large flower back length, multiple colors, and can print fine patterns without color transfer. It has a large amount of printing paste and has a three-dimensional effect. It is suitable for printing on silk, cotton, chemical fiber and other woven fabrics and knitted fabrics. It is more suitable for printing small batches of high-end fabrics with multiple varieties. That is to say, the size of the flat screen printing can be determined according to the actual size. In theory, the current printing size (reasonable) can be realized on the flat screen, but compared with the digital direct-injection garment printing machine, this printing technology is not Environmental friendly. 2. Rotary screen printing: Rotary screen printing is a printing method in which the color paste in the rotary screen is printed on the fabric under pressure using a scraper or a magnetic rod. Rotary screen printing differs from other screen printing methods in several important ways. Compared with the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine, this printing process is not environmentally friendly. 3. Thermal transfer printing: Sublimation transfer printing is often used for polyester transfer printing. The disadvantage is that the plate-making cost is high. Dye-sublimation transfer printing can be divided into different printing methods: offset printing, gravure printing, silk printing, and data printing. The heat transfer printing is roughly divided into the following three heat transfer methods: 1. Flat heat transfer T-shirt printing machine, in fact, refers to the heating plate-the heat transfer machine with a flat working surface, collectively called the flat heat transfer clothing printing machine. Refers to the manual direct pressure machine. Its working method is the same as the high-pressure heat transfer T-shirt printing machine. When working, it needs to be pressed down manually. Due to its structure, the pressure is the smallest among all kinds of heat transfer machines. 2. The high-pressure heat transfer garment printing machine, because of the different design of the handle structure, the same manual operation, pressing down, can produce more pressure than the ordinary flat heat transfer T-shirt printing machine. The above two types are mostly used in factories because of their low price, convenient work and high efficiency. 3. Shaking head heat transfer garment printing machine is the most stressful model among manual heat transfer machines. Secondly, its appearance design is stylish and beautiful. Commonly used in personal shop, self-made heat transfer DIY. 4. Direct-injection printing: Direct-injection printing is a pure cotton digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine. It is made by a computer, sent directly to the printer, and directly printed on the ready-to-wear or cut pieces of the T-shirt, a new generation of T-shirts Printing methods are mostly common in printing factories, and small ones are also used in personal entrepreneurship. Work efficiency is more convenient than high-pressure heat transfer garment printing machine! It is worth noting that digital direct-injection pure cotton has high requirements for ink for good results.
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