Comparison of garment digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine and manual printing

by:angelacrox     2021-09-01
T-shirt printing machine proofing results are too good, the traditional printing can not achieve such consequences, in fact, this kind of worry is unnecessary. In order to deal with this achievement, Jinzhao International Company once organized the best international craftsmen to stop in-depth discussions and find a rational solution plan. This set of plans uses software to adjust the results of digital printing and proofing, so that the traditional printing machine can fully achieve the results of proofing during consumption. From the color point of view, because the color gamut of the paste used in traditional printing is wider than that of the digital printing ink, the color effect produced by the garment printing machine can also be completely imitated by the traditional paste. 4. Wide range of practical applications. The digital direct-injection T-shirt printers currently available for proofing include reactive inks, acidic inks, and evacuation inks. The use of evacuation inks for direct printing is still looking for suitable inks. Among the samples from customers, if it is a paper draft or an electronic draft, you can directly use a garment printing machine for proofing after the color separation process. The traditional printing machine can complete a large amount of consumption according to the results of the proofing. If the sample is a cloth sample, you need to clarify some features of the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine to the customer, and the proofing form can be changed before the customer acknowledges it. Companies must think about the customer’s ability to withstand new things. For some more radical customers, it is still safer to use traditional proofing methods. As long as the clothing printing machine becomes the mainstream of the market, it is appropriate to introduce digital printing proofing to this part of the customer. of. This process will take about 2-3 years in the international arena. Digital printing technology and traditional printing technology are two completely different printing mechanisms in printing, so there is a run-in period for the use of clothing printing machine proofing requirements and customers. From the perspective of process links, there is also a run-in period for external proofing and consumption systems. If there is one, it is best to formulate a set of process specifications, so that enterprises can quickly introduce digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines, which are recognized by customers.
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