Comparison of the fluency of domestic digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine ink and imported ink

by:angelacrox     2021-09-15
The protection of the nozzle and ink path of the T-shirt printing machine is important. At present, most of the paint and ink brands are diverse and come in various forms. There are imported inks and domestic textile inks. High-quality ink has a wider range of adaptability to ambient temperature. When the temperature is high, there is no obvious difference, and the fluency is half a cat. However, when the temperature is low, the high-quality digital printing machine ink will have excellent performance, and its fluency will be the slightest. Not affected. Textile ink plays a vital role in the color vividness and saturation of the printed patterns and the life of the print head. Many times, we buy cheap ink, which seems to reduce the cost. As everyone knows, because of this ink, The life of the print head is greatly reduced. The money saved by ink is far from enough to buy a print head. If the color reproduction is not high and the product is scrapped, it will not be worth the loss. Imported digital direct-injection T-shirt printer ink The printed effect is full, bright colors, excessively natural, very smooth, uniform particles, and basically will not cause clogging of the print head. However, some domestic digital direct-injection printers have cheap inks and sometimes have color difference problems, and even the north-south climate is not very compatible, and may even cause nozzle clogging. However, the quality of most domestic digital printers is acceptable. For more information, please get Jia Yanyan's WeChat account. Welcome everyone to come to discuss and exchange.
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