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by:angelacrox     2021-08-27
Fully automatic printing machine manufacturer provides a complete set of pollution-free computer printing solutions, which can print garments, cut pieces, and piece cloth. It is easy to operate, low in printing costs, reliable in quality, and has a relatively high cost performance. As an old-brand computerized automatic printing machine manufacturer, it can produce the following series of models: flatbed printing machine, piece cloth printing machine, oval printing machine. 1. Flatbed printing machine: Flatbed printing machine mainly includes white ink direct-injection machine and treadmill printing machine. It mainly prints pieces and garments. White ink direct-injection machine is suitable for high-end cotton printing. The printing machine is suitable for batch printing, and the printing cost is low. 2. The heat transfer printing machine for printing chemical fiber fabrics and the conductive belt printing machine for printing cotton fabrics all adopt water-free environmental printing technology, which conforms to the trend of green production, and completely defeats traditional manual printing in terms of efficiency and effect. The cost of printing is slightly more expensive than manual printing. 3. The elliptical printing machine is a powerful tool for printing garments and pieces, with super high printing efficiency, low printing cost, a combination of computer automatic printing machine and traditional elliptical machine, a freak born in the process of industrial upgrading, transition equipment, suitable for large-scale Used in garment factories or printing factories.
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