Cost Analysis of Ink for Garment Digital Direct Jet T-shirt Printing Machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-01
The ink consumption of a T-shirt printing machine when printing images is difficult to have a fixed value. For example, when a garment printing machine prints a pattern of one square meter with a color coverage of 80%, the ink consumption will usually be about 12 ml. Under the condition of printing normal images, the ink consumed by the shirt printer is about 10 milliliters. Of course, this value is only for the user's reference. 1. From the analysis of printing accuracy, we all know that the higher the printing accuracy of the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine, the better the printing effect, but it also means that the larger the amount of ink consumed, so we usually use clothing When printing machine, pay attention to adjusting the printing form. Under normal circumstances, 4PASS or 6PASS is sufficient when printing. Of course, the specifics have to be determined according to your actual situation. Take the Yanyan 5113 print head T-shirt printer with 4pass 50 square meters per hour, the ink consumption is relatively small. 2. The inkjet volume depends on the color coverage. The color coverage of the different colors is different, and the amount of ink consumed by the digital direct-injection T-shirt printer is also different, for example, the same wide-format clothing printing In the case of a computer, if the color coverage rate of 100% is compared with the color coverage rate of 10%, the ink consumption of the former will inevitably be relatively large, which is only one aspect of the factor. Another factor is that it also depends on the print quality or pixels you want to complete. For the same image and the same T-shirt printer, if you set the higher the accuracy, the more ink will be consumed by the digital direct-injection T-shirt printer. On the contrary, the lower the accuracy of the setting, the lower the ink consumption. This is a substantive problem with each brand's garment printing machine. Let's not get too entangled, just buy a T-shirt printer normally. 3. Questions about waste ink during printing. Under normal conditions, the amount of waste ink of digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines has a great relationship with the stability of clothing printing machines. Under normal conditions, the largest source of waste ink is T The cleaning of the nozzle of a shirt printer will cause a lot of ink waste every time the nozzle is cleaned. If the function of the T-shirt printer is stable and clogging is not frequent, the amount of waste ink produced will naturally be less. It can be seen how important it is to choose a good nozzle and how important it is to maintain the nozzle of a garment printing machine. Nowadays, the market trend is toward the 5113 print head. The stability of the 5113 print head is similar to that of the fifth generation print head, but the T-shirt printer with the 5113 print head inkjet speed is faster, and the price of the 5113 print head is several times cheaper than that of the fifth generation. Remember to face the fifth generation. When the sprinklers are skyrocketing, we are all there to see, so we still have to save some 5113 sprinklers as soon as possible! It doesn't matter if you are prepared, it doesn't hurt to change a few more blocked nozzles in the future.
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