Cotton digital printing machine, economical and economical choose Xiangyu

by:angelacrox     2021-08-30
The digital printing machine directly sprays the color, and after the color is dried, the color is fixed. It is not restricted by color, pattern, etc., and can restore the printing pattern 100%, and its printing effect is unmatched by traditional printing methods! In addition, the Yanyan cotton printing machine prints about 300 pieces per hour, and a cotton digital printing machine can handle the workload of 30 workers. And because it works automatically by computer, the defective rate is very low and the efficiency is very high. Mass production can save the cost of the manufacturer and effectively protect the market competitiveness of the manufacturer! In the production process, the production efficiency is improved, the delivery speed becomes faster, the printing accuracy is high, and the printing pattern and color are unlimited, allowing you to produce samples quickly and get the customer's order first! In addition, as a national high-tech enterprise, Yanyan has mastered a number of key technologies including repairing nozzles. While improving the performance of digital printing machines and the after-sales service of manufacturers, it can also bring unlimited possibilities to the digital printing industry!
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