Cotton direct-injection digital printing machine ends the history of manual printing with high energy consumption and high pollution

by:angelacrox     2021-08-29
The digital printing machine is a kind of green environmental protection anhydrous printing machinery and equipment. The emergence of the cotton printing machine has ended the history of high energy consumption and high pollution in cotton printing. The cotton direct-injection digital printing machine is technically free of any pollution. It is very suitable for products that require high environmental protection, such as pure cotton, cotton cloth, and high-end clothing. In the past, manual printing, because the color fastness is not good enough, it will fade, but now the cotton printing machine technology greatly improves the color fastness. Now the entire company is facing a shortage of labor, and labor wages continue to rise, so labor has become a big issue for people who do digital printing factories. The cotton direct-injection digital printing machine is an alternative equipment for traditional labor-intensive enterprises. A cotton printing machine can handle the workload of more than 30-40 workers. And because it works automatically by a computer, it has no defective products and is extremely efficient. Therefore, buying a cotton digital printing machine is a good thing for most people, because it can not only be used for cotton, linen, ready-made clothes, cut pieces, and horses, but also can be printed on dark fabrics such as black and red! And how to choose a good cotton direct-injection digital printing machine? The following Xiaobian Yanyan will teach you a few tricks. 1. The easiest way is to look at the degree of the head parts of the cotton digital printing machine; 2. When buying a cotton printing machine, first observe whether the print head has signs of use; 3. You can look at the ink tube, ink path, and print head. There is no ink next to it to distinguish whether the nozzle has been used; 4. The printing effect of the new nozzle is worse than that of the unused nozzle at the beginning, because the cotton direct-injection digital printing machine nozzle will get better and better after using it for a period of time. So when comparing two nozzles together, you can pay attention
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