Cotton T-shirt Direct Spraying Machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-22
Although the T-shirt direct printing machine has obvious advantages, it has problems such as slow printing speed and printing color difference, and its price is relatively high compared to the treadmill machine. This is currently a barrier to the popularization of cotton T-shirt direct printing. In order to solve these bottlenecks, many scientists in the world have joined the research and development ranks of cotton T-shirt direct-injection machine technology. At present, many key problems have been gradually broken through. The advantages of Yanyan cotton T-shirt direct-injection machine: First, highly automated, ergonomic optimization is very reasonable; second, the special environmentally friendly paint ink, the color is true and durable, and does not fade; third, the machine and software operations are very good Simple, fool-like control panel and operation interface; fourth, small footprint and low labor cost.
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