Dark polyester jersey sportswear digital direct injection garment printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-28
The garment printing machine cannot directly print on dark polyester fabrics. The patterns printed on dark polyester fabrics are not fast and the colors are not bright. In early 2017, Yanyan took the lead in solving this industry problem in the industry. , The polyester sportswear with dark fabric printed by Yanyan direct-jet T-shirt printing machine, not only has bright colors, but also has very good color fastness. Film, using the Yanyan jersey digital printing machine to print jerseys, although the cost of a single piece of printing is higher than manual printing, but if the cost of manual printing plate making is included, the overall cost is completely comparable to that of jersey manual printing. This type of jersey digital direct-injection clothing printing machine does not require plate making, so its delivery time is very short. Customize a team’s jersey and make it as you go. It is a truly environmentally friendly and efficient digital direct-injection T-shirt printing. machine.
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