Deciphering the discharge technology of oval digital T-shirt printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-29
T-shirt printing machine to complete. The following editor Xiangyu will explain the discharge dyeing in detail. The principle of discharge dyeing: Use a strong reducing agent to destroy the already dyed reactive dye base color, so that the reactive dye in the plucked area is oxidized, thereby exposing the white base, which is convenient for digital direct printing and the printed T-shirt There is no hand feeling at all, and the comfort is very good. Steps of discharge: 1. Dry quickly for about 6 seconds after discharge, and bake after discharge. Avoid too long intervals. 2. The drying temperature is about 160 degrees, not too high or too low. 3. Then you can digital direct printing. Fourth, the surface of the T-shirt needs to be dried again after covering the slurry. Five, the temperature of about 140 degrees into the tunnel furnace or industrial oven for about 4 minutes. Discharge precautions The screen for discharge is about 1400 mesh. Such a screen can pass through a lot of slurry and the picture has a thick texture. Add about 8% of the discharge powder, and be sure to mix it evenly. Before printing, the discharge glue should filter out impurities. If it becomes thick during printing, stop using it immediately. When drying, the pattern must be completely dry before drying to avoid color crossover. If the white edge is exposed, it must be overheated immediately. After printing, heat treatment is carried out, and the temperature is about 140 degrees, and it is dried in a tunnel furnace or an industrial oven for about 4 minutes.
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