Deep analysis of white ink circulation

by:angelacrox     2021-08-27
A common ink circulation device on the T-shirt printing machine, its function is to keep the DuPont white ink in the ink circuit system of the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine in a circulating state, which can effectively prevent the DuPont white ink from depositing in the ink circuit system. The following is a detailed analysis of the white ink circulation: 1: What is the white ink circulation White ink circulation is a digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine ink circuit system with a loop, the ink can circulate continuously in the ink circuit system, its The function is to prevent the white ink from forming precipitation in the ink circuit system. A white ink circulation system consists of three parts: an ink bottle, a circulation pump, and an ink tube. Ink, the two ink tubes meet at a position closer to the ink sac. The ink pipe from which the ink is discharged is connected to a circulating pump, and the white ink is injected into the ink pipe through the pump. The white ink flows to the intersection of the two ink pipes, and flows back to the ink bottle through the ink returning ink pipe. This is the embryonic form of the white ink cycle. There are many improved versions later, such as adding agitation, some filtering, and some adding a timed loop. 2. The operation process of the white ink cycle: Let’s take Yanyan’s white ink cycle to explain: Yanyan’s white ink cycle consists of six parts, 1. ink bottle, 2. ink tube, 3. low-speed silent stirring motor, 4. Circulating pump, 5. Primary filter pump, 6. Secondary filter pump. Its working process is that the low-speed silent stirring motor in the ink bottle rotates, so that the white ink in the ink bottle is always in a flowing state, and then the ink enters the ink outlet pipe through the circulation pump, and then enters the first-stage filter pump, after passing the first-stage filter pump The larger particles are basically filtered. When the ink passes through the secondary filter pump, it can basically ensure that the ink in the ink circuit system after the secondary filter pump has no larger particles. When the ink flows to the junction , Return to the ink bottle through the ink return pipe. Yanyan’s white ink circulation system has applied for a national patent. The following is the white ink circulation patent certificate of Yanyan: 3. The function of white ink circulation The main function of white ink circulation is to prevent the precipitation of white ink in the ink path. The function of the ink auxiliary ink supply system similar to the negative pressure can make the ink supply smoother and more stable. 4. Can white ink circulation prevent nozzle blockage? White ink circulation can help prevent nozzle clogging to a certain extent, but it has little effect. There are three main situations in which white ink blocks the nozzle 4-1: The surface of the white ink nozzle is exposed to dry air for a long time, and the white ink on the nozzle surface dries up and blocks the nozzle 4-2: The white ink on the surface of the print head touches the white ink treatment liquid on the clothes, which causes a chemical reaction to form crystals, which block the print head. 4-3: The larger titanium dioxide particles in the poor quality white ink directly block the nozzle holes of the print head. The nozzle blockage and the white ink precipitation It doesn't matter much. The most white ink deposition means that the white background is not white. Therefore, in order to reduce the probability of clogging of the white ink nozzle, in addition to scientific operation and maintenance, it is to prevent the nozzle surface from contacting the fabric sprayed with the pretreatment liquid. 5. Can white ink circulation save ink? The answer is no. As mentioned in the previous item 4, the white ink circulation does not help much to reduce the clogging of the nozzle, so the white ink circulation saves ink can be said to be nonsense. 6. Can the white ink cycle make the white ink more white? The answer is also no, or the previous item 4. Because the white ink circulation and the prevention of nozzle clogging do not get on the side, so the white ink circulation can make the white background whiter and there is no scientific basis. The natural white ink circulation can make the color ink more Yan is just empty talk. 7. Is the white ink circulation really an exclusive patent? The answer is also no. At present, the white ink circulation system is popularized on the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machines on the market. Different manufacturers call it differently. Some are called ink circulation, some are called ink filtration circulation, and so on. The above is just another term for white ink circulation. It is a bit different to change the name, and there is more than one patent related to white ink circulation. The above picture in this article is Yanyan's white ink circulation patent certificate.
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