Detailed breakdown of the operation process of the paint direct-injection guide belt digital printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-08-29
Compared with the reactive digital printing machine, the digital printing machine firstly solves the problem of environmental protection, and the second is that it greatly simplifies the process. Over time, the efficiency of the paint direct-injection digital printing machine will surpass that of the active digital printing machine. Direct injection instead of reactive printing is not far away. The following editor of Yanyan will decompose in detail the operation process of the paint direct-injection guide belt digital printing machine: 1. To use the digital printing machine to print, first input the printed pattern or pattern into the computer in the form of numbers. 2. Then it is edited and processed by the computer printing separation manuscript system (CAD) (the operator needs to learn some image processing techniques); 3. Then, the special textile printing ink is sprayed onto the cloth through the computer control nozzle, and waits for it to be sprayed. After the printing is completed, the printed pattern is accurately presented on the fabric. 4. Finally, it is necessary to carry out post-processing according to the tissue composition of different fabrics, such as drying and fixing, etc., to ensure that the printing is firm and not easy to deform and fade. 5. Printing with a digital printing machine does not need to consume water resources, nor will it pollute the environment, nor does it need to make a plate in advance. It is simple, fast, easy to use and fast in production. Taking the Yanyan printing machine as an example, the printing speed can reach 300 square meters per hour, which is a guarantee for increasing the printing output.
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