Development history of garment printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-02
The clothing printing machine originated in Europe, developed in Japan and Israel, and is stronger than China, but the real originator is the Japanese inkjet printer. Early Europe played with modified machines. Japan and Israel took the newly developed route. China is also Starting from the modified machine, and then on the self-developed digital direct-injection garment printing machine, some prototype machines have basically appeared since the appearance of pigment ink. At the beginning, mainly in Europe, it was realized by modifying Epson's digital direct-injection garment printing machine, which was probably from 1999 to 2001. The real commercialization was probably around 2003-2004, and some digital direct-injection garment printing machines modified with Epson 2200 and 4800 began to appear at trade fairs. At that time, there were about 2-3 companies, namely USScreenPrint in the United States, DTG in Europe and Sawgrass in the United States, but due to poor ink stability and color saturation, they did not achieve great success. It is Kornit of Europe and Brother of Japan that really push the digital printing of pure cotton fabrics into industrialization. They selected industrial printing heads developed by Spectra and Kycera, and developed special cotton pigment inks to achieve reliable mass printing of cotton fabrics. At present, the main personalized t-shirt printing companies are basically equipped with Kornit931DS printing machine (about 70-100,000 US dollars per unit) and Brother GT541 printing machine (about 15,000-20,000 US dollars per unit). These machines were all launched in 2005. It can be seen that because the prices of these devices are generally high, there is still a certain market for digital direct-injection garment printing machines modified with Epson 4800, especially in China. Due to the low technical threshold for this modification, there are many companies in China, South Korea and Taiwan that produce and sell such machines. The price of the machine has also fallen rapidly. From 100,000 yuan per unit 3-4 years ago to 40,000 to 40,000 yuan per unit. This is still a relatively complete function, there is a modified machine with its own RIP software. If you just change it to a tablet, it will only cost about 30,000 yuan. At present, the most reliable digital direct-injection garment printing machines on the market include USscreenprinting's FAST-T, sawgrass' Directadvantage, flexi-jet, Singapore's DGjet, Europe's Nanojet, and some Korean digital direct-injection garment printing machines. China’s digital direct-injection garment printing machine manufacturers started playing modified machines around 2008, and then used machines such as brothers and sisters for reference, combined with their own national conditions, plus the prerequisites of being a rich garment country, and gradually embarked on independent research and development. On the road, the digital direct-injection garment printing machines of many domestic manufacturers are completely comparable to other machines.
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