Difficulties in the process of digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine

by:angelacrox     2021-09-04
The T-shirt printing machine uses the four-color principle to print. Any small change in a parameter will cause a big color change. The bleeding is severe, and the vividness of the picture is not good enough. Especially in places where there are more color mixtures, the higher the gray level, just like a layer of mist on the surface of the fabric. Through investigation, it was found that the primary cause was the ink ejected from the nozzles, which caused color bleeding on the surface of the fabric. Because the four colors of red, yellow, blue, and black in the quarter color are independent of dots, if they can not be mixed with each other, the reflected colors will be bright and contrasting. But if these colors are mixed with each other after printing, the reflected color will become black or gray. The process of the digital direct-injection garment printing machine is that the fabric itself absorbs moisture in the air, and is vaporized after printing. The sizing slurry and the fabric absorb moisture together, so that the ink droplets printed on the fabric will occur. In order to bleed, the ink multi-color cross-mixing, resulting in the color light gray. Although the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine has rich color expressiveness, it has excellent transition to the color levels of moiré, scenery, and portraits. However, the gorgeousness is not as good as traditional printing, and some very gorgeous colors cannot be made. The fabric is not in contrast with the different colors, and the permeability is not as good as flat screen and rotary screen printing. The digital direct-injection garment printing machine supplies ink on demand, consumes relatively little ink, and can save water and energy during washing. However, because the amount of ink sprayed on the fabric is very small, the ink can only stay on the surface of the fabric. In this way, two questions have arisen. One is that the color difference is severe, and the request cannot be reached if it is similar to a scarf or to be soaked in printing; the other is that the color difference is severe and the contrast is loose fabrics, which only need to pass conflict or when sewing. , There will be discord and colorless silk (or yarn) turned to the front, commonly known as 'reverse silk.' Such a result greatly affected the appearance of the fabric and was unacceptable by consumers. If the ink supply is increased, the discordant penetration is improved, although the 'reverse silk' situation has improved, but the clarity of the printed pictures will be greatly reduced, the thin stems will become thicker, and the graphics will be vague, and the customer's request will not be satisfied.
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