Digital direct-injection machine technology replaces traditional printing machines

by:angelacrox     2021-09-03
Digital direct-injection printing has the characteristics of the Internet. Through intelligent automation, manual intervention is minimized, and the on-demand ink production method has greatly reduced pollution emissions and will eventually reach zero emissions. Today, China's economy is in a period of structural change. New technologies represented by the Internet and new C2B business models are deeply changing China's traditional industries. As the technology continues to mature and evolve, the market for cold-dyeing direct-injection printing machines has been rapidly opened up. Even today when the overall downturn in the textile industry spreads to textile machinery, the sales of cold-dyed digital direct-injection machines continue to grow. Nowadays, the popular elements of textile printing are changing rapidly, and more designs are needed; the number of orders is getting shorter and shorter, but the design is getting more and more complicated. The fastness requirements of direct-injection printing machines are also higher; and people’s awareness of environmental protection continues to increase. , Tolerance of color variation and fabric specifications are becoming more stringent, and cold-dyeing direct-injection printing is bound to be the direction of the development of the printing and dyeing industry in the future.
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