Digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine printing cost calculation method

by:angelacrox     2021-09-05
The printing cost of T-shirt printing machine mainly includes the following parts: 1. Ink, 2. Treatment liquid, 3. Electricity, 4. Labor, 5. Machine and nozzle loss, the main cost is still in the two aspects of ink and treatment liquid. Then there is the nozzle. The following editor of Yanyan will introduce in detail the calculation method of the printing cost of the digital direct-injection T-shirt printing machine: 1. 1 square meter of ink requires about 15ml of color ink. We will use the price of 300 yuan/1000ml (L) for color ink. Calculate, the cost of color ink for 1 square meter u003d 300 yuan/1000ml*15mlu003d4.5 yuan, and then the pattern size of each piece of clothing is calculated as A4 (20*30cm) on average, and the cost of color ink printing per piece of clothing u003d 4.5 Yuan*(0.2*0.3)u003d0.27 Yuan. If it is a dark fabric, white ink is required for the base, so let's calculate the printing cost of the white ink: If the white base is to be spread evenly and white, the inkjet volume of the white ink is the color ink in the same unit size area. About 4 times of that, that is, about 60ml of color ink is needed for 1 square meter. We calculate it at the price of 1300 yuan/1000ml (L) of white ink. The cost of 1 square meter of white ink is u003d1300 yuan/1000ml*45mlu003d78 yuan. The size of the flower pattern is still calculated according to A4 (20*30cm) on average. The cost of white ink printing for each piece of clothing u003d 78 yuan * (0.2*0.3) u003d 4.68 yuan, and then 0.27 yuan for color ink, which is almost 4.95 yuan 2. Treatment liquid There are two treatment liquids, one is for printing light-colored fabrics to increase the vividness of colors, and the other is for printing dark-colored fabrics. For a single piece of clothing, it can only be sprayed by hand, which will waste a lot of money. We will not pay attention to it here. Basically, a bottle of treatment liquid can spray about 100 pieces. The price of a bottle of light-colored cloth treatment liquid is about 100 yuan, and the average price is about 1 yuan for a piece of clothing. The price of a bottle of treatment liquid for dark cloth is about 200 yuan, and an average of about 2 yuan for a piece of clothing. 3. After printing the clothes, the electricity cost T-shirt printing machine needs to fix the color. The fixation is actually a high temperature process. On average, the electricity cost of a piece of clothing is about 1 cent. 4. The machine loss and the nozzle T-shirt printing machine The lifespan is generally relatively long, and there is no problem with ten or eight years, so this piece can be ignored. For the sprinkler, it is also counted as one thousand dollars. Then the cost comes out: the printing cost of light-colored clothes: 0.27 yuan ink + 1 yuan treatment liquid + 0.1 yuan electricity fee + 0.1 yuan nozzle loss u003d 1.47 yuan printing cost of dark clothes: 4.95 yuan ink + 2 yuan treatment liquid + 0.1 Yuan electricity cost + 0.1 Yuan nozzle loss u003d 7.15 Yuan
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