Digital direct printing machine is the printing technology

by:angelacrox     2021-09-03
In the process of continuous improvement of the equipment and materials of the digital printing machine, the upgrading is very fast. The investment in industrial-grade digital equipment in the early stage is large, and the equipment depreciation period is very short. Production enterprises can only quickly digest and absorb new technologies, improve production efficiency of equipment, reduce production costs, and quickly recover the initial investment costs. The characteristics of development and rapid response have always been implemented in digital production enterprises. Digital direct-injection printing is the stage where the technology of these industries is finally displayed. It is impossible for companies to do everything and be proficient in everything. You should choose your own design, equipment, and material supply companies. While establishing and maintaining a good cooperative relationship, you should continue to learn, digest and absorb, make good use of new equipment and new technologies, and work together to give full play to the advantages and resources of your respective industries and learn from each other to make up for your shortcomings in order to develop rapidly. Progress. Faced with the rapid development of the digital industry and the rapid updating and upgrading of the industry, the company itself wants to research and develop all digital technologies. Time, human and financial resources cannot keep up with the rapid pace of change. The company does a good job in the use of its own core production technology. , Worry-free technology cooperation and common development is the largest and most practical way. Digital direct-injection printing can print on cotton, wool, silk, linen, nylon, polyester and other fibers. The application fields of clothing, home furnishings, and home textiles are broader. Printing companies must clarify which fields they have and which products have their own advantages. Make it special and strong. Only by clarifying the company's positioning can there be product positioning, follow-up product requirements, formulate process requirements, follow-up process requirements, order and select equipment and train the team needed to avoid cross-industry, woven, knitting, cotton, silk, and chemical fiber. It is also a trend to make use of limited human resources in order to be specialized and precise to make the enterprise's own characteristics.
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