Digital inkjet sublimation transfer

by:angelacrox     2021-09-05
Digital inkjet sublimation transfer is to use a digital camera or scanner and professional library to digitize the image, image processing and design through a computer, make the required colorful, fine-graded image, and then install a special sublimation The inkjet printer with transfer ink prints the ink on the base paper according to the image designed by the computer, and then the image on the transfer paper is heated by a forest machine, a baking pan machine or a baking printer, and the image is transferred to the porcelain in a few minutes Plates, cultural shirts and other souvenirs.
1. The production of sublimation transfer paper
   The production process of sublimation transfer paper is similar to the digital color inkjet proofing system, that is, the computer is used to process and design the graphics, photos, etc. to be thermally transferred, and the digital inkjet printer is used to print on the base paper. The digital inkjet printer is equipped with four independent ink cartridges for yellow, magenta, cyan, and black, so it can print monochrome images on the base paper, and it can also print color images. This inkjet printer saves the plate making process, reduces the production cost, and makes the thermal transfer process easier.
2. Heat transfer patterns on cups, plates, plates and other souvenirs
  The cup baking machine with electronic digital control can transfer the pattern on the sublimation transfer paper to the cup in a few minutes. Use the cup baking machine to make a beautiful, full-color picture on the cup. All that is needed is a special transfer ink and a cup with a special coating, which is convenient and quick to operate.
  The pattern on the sublimation transfer decal paper can be transferred to the plate in a few minutes using the electronic digital control bakeware machine. Equipped with special transfer printing ink, various patterns can be baked on the special plate by using the baking pan machine.
  The pattern on the sublimation transfer decal paper can be transferred to the porcelain plate and metal plate in a few minutes by the baking printing machine controlled by electronic digital. It is suitable for making medals, honor certificates, commemorative plates, and portrait porcelain plates.
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