Digital printing machine dealer or source manufacturer which is more secure

by:angelacrox     2021-09-05
They can’t deal with the problems of digital printing machines, and they can’t do anything about it. There is a common situation in this industry. The dealers handle the machines and the source manufacturers generally do not provide after-sales service. The domestic digital printing machine market is fiercely competitive, but there are only a dozen well-known brands of digital printing machines, indicating that the number of manufacturers is small, but there are high sales. This is not how strong the sales of manufacturers are, but that more middlemen make the difference, which invisibly affects the price of equipment in the industry, and the behavior of empty gloves and white wolves appears. For machines handled by dealers, manufacturers generally only provide basic warranty services, but do not provide after-sales services. Although the intermediary will also promise warranty, the warranty team is not a developer after all, and there is still a lack of understanding of the equipment. The middleman couldn't keep running, so he just left. In the end, the business who bought digital printing equipment suffered a heavy loss. And like Yanyan, it has its own Ru0026D and production team, its own production base, its own sales team, and its own professional warranty team. These are all conditions that are enough to let you buy with confidence.
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