Digital printing machine ink development history

by:angelacrox     2021-09-06
The inks used in digital printing machines mainly include DuPont, ROHMu0026HASS, American sawgrass, British nanojet produced cotton ink, and South Korea's L-InK sublimation ink. Most digital printing machines use inks from the above companies. These inks are acceptable in terms of color gamut, washability, and stability. Of course, the effects of Kornit and Brother's professional machines are still very different. But the price is much cheaper than Brother's ink (brother ink retails for about US$900/liter, and the cheapest Rohm and Haas ink is about US$30-50/liter). But I heard that since 2008, Rohm and Haas has stopped producing their pure cotton inks. It may be that the profit is too low to make money. Many Korean cotton inks are very cheap, but I haven't tried it, and the quality is not too clear. White ink is indispensable for pure cotton printing. Since 1997, many companies have regarded the development of white ink as their main scientific research project. By 2005, they basically gave up. Only DuPont's white ink is currently on the market. DuPont's white ink was launched at the Atlanta ISA trade fair in September 2005. It was used in the Fast-T pure cotton digital printing machine of USscreenprinting. At that time, T-shirts were preprocessed, white ink was printed 3 times, and then color ink was printed. Nevertheless, it still attracted the attention of all exhibitors. USscreenprinting has sold thousands of printing machines with white ink. It can be described as a glorious moment. But white ink is a very immature product. Due to the frequent machine plugging, USscreenprinting had to spend a lot of energy to deal with quality issues and even court litigation. At one time, the funds were very tight and depended on borrowing to operate. It's really 'success and failure, too.' The second-generation sublimation ink introduced in South Korea will not break ink and cause nozzle clogging during use. The fluidity is first-rate, and it has higher fluidity than other inks. Facts have proved that under relatively expensive investment, if the digital printing machine and ink are not stable, it is difficult to achieve the goal of stable profitability. The formulation process and development of pure cotton ink provide valuable experience for the widening and digital printing of pure cotton fabrics. Since 2012, digital printing machines for wide-width cotton fabrics have appeared at various trade fairs. All digital printing machine manufacturers, software manufacturers, and ink sellers have begun to integrate and provide a complete digital printing process. This is expected to become a hot spot in the printing industry in the next three or two years. Domestic digital printing machine ink manufacturers were unknown in the early days, but relying on their inherent geographical advantages, language advantages, and more accurate customer demand information, they began to explode around 2010. So far, their quality and effect are inferior to foreign ink brands. , And its price is much lower than that of foreign brands of digital printing machine inks. At present, domestic digital printing machine inks are basically domestic inks.
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