Digital printing machine is the product of personalized fashion trend

by:angelacrox     2021-09-06
The digital printing machine is the product of the personalized fashion trend. As a subversive printing technology, the digital printing machine does not require plate making, environmentally friendly, pollution-free, and printable gradients and other complex patterns before printing. Compared with traditional manual printing, this is the core competitive advantage of the digital printing machine. In the process, the cumbersome steps of drawing, filming, plate making, color mixing, scraping, etc. required by traditional printing processes such as silk screen and rotary screen are eliminated. Not only that, the digital printing machine has a low cost in the overall printing cost. The performance is also quite surprising, from the dozens of people required for traditional printing to the digital printing machine, only one person can operate several digital printing machines. The last is the green production of digital printing, because it does not need to make a screen before production, so there is no need to clean the screen, and no sewage is generated. At the same time, this is a drop-on-demand inkjet technology that sprays as many inks as you need. No waste, truly green and pollution-free production. The working principle of the digital printing machine is divided into thermal transfer printing and direct-injection printing. After the direct-injection printing is finished, it needs to be dried and fixed. Therefore, the general digital printing machine manufacturers will be equipped with a drying and fixing tunnel furnace for the After the printing is finished, the color is fixed. The function of the color fixing is to dry the pattern so that the pattern is stable and does not fade. Direct-injection printing is the most popular digital printing technology. Printing is completely free from color and pattern restrictions. Because digital printing is toned by a computer, thousands of colors can be adjusted at will, and the pattern can be adjusted at will by PS. set up. Direct-injection printing can also restore printed patterns to a high degree, achieve photo quality, and can print lifelike 3D three-dimensional patterns on clothing. As a high-tech enterprise capable of independently researching and developing digital printing machines, Yanyan has applied for a number of patents since its establishment. It can achieve digital printing that is beyond the reach of others, especially Yanyan's main cotton high-speed 3D direct-injection guide belt In the Pearl River Delta area, the market is extremely popular and occupies half of the country.
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