Digital printing machine operation needs scientific and reasonable standardization

by:angelacrox     2021-09-06
There are some avoidable accidents in the digital printing machine, which can ensure that the machine and its components can reach its normal lifespan without adding additional expenses. Therefore, standardized operation of the digital printing machine is essential. So what are the standard digital printing machine operating specifications? 1. The treatment liquid should be covered with a lid, cleaned, and not used for too long. The treatment liquid of the digital printing machine that is more than one week old should be discarded and replaced with a new one. 2. After pre-processing the cut pieces and a small amount of fabric, put them on plastic paper and then dry them together. Never put them on the cut piece rack to dry. When drying and fixing the color tunnel furnace, the fabric will face up, and there will be grids on the mesh belt down. 3. The cutting rack must be cleaned before use, and the iron rack pad needs to be wrapped in cloth. 4. Test the cloth by yourself first, and then test the printing position on the digital printing machine to be correct before you can paste the customer's cloth for printing. 5. If the guide belt surface of the digital printing machine is not sticky, clean it first to make the guide belt sticky before using it, and the fabric must be able to spread evenly. 6. After the customer arrives at the cloth, immediately pass the treatment solution and test the printing. After confirming that the cloth is feasible, code and check the number and check the account. 7. Before arranging bulk goods, you must print 5 yards of OK samples, 50 pieces of cut pieces, and then set the delivery date. 8. Do not rub the cloth on the dryer when uncovering the cloth, and the nozzle of the digital printing machine must not rub the cloth. 9. When looking at the machine, you should constantly observe the color and clarity of the model and the broken ink channel. 10. The cloth used for wiping the digital printing machine must be changed and washed frequently. A basin of water must be placed next to it, and hands must be cleaned at any time to prevent soiling of the customer’s fabric. 11. The spray gun for spraying fixing agent should be cleaned and cleaned immediately after spraying. Before fixing the color, spray it with water. The finished cloth must be dried and fixed in a tunnel furnace before spraying the fixing agent.
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