Digital Printing Machine Toning Tutorial

by:angelacrox     2021-09-05
The reason why the salary of the color master of the digital printing machine is as high as 20,000 to 30,000. 1. Color matching The color matching tests the color matching skills of digital printing machine colorists. Excellent color masters not only have solid basic skills, but also have a good sense of color. Compare the original image with the sample image and combine with the fabric background. The color, which color should be darkened, which color should be lightened, and how much. In fact, I am inseparable from each other, and I can really do it with confidence. 2. It is not enough for image processing to have solid color matching basic skills and good color perception. You must be very familiar with the operation of image processing software. Only in this way can you adjust the image to the desired effect and finally print it through a digital printing machine. Produce qualified products. 3. Experience This is a long-term process. Excellent color masters must be made through thousands of tempers. Before color mixing, they usually take into account the composition of the fabric, whether it is easy to absorb ink, and other factors, even without sampling. , You can directly adjust the picture. The great god who has reached this level must have been in purgatory for N years. Therefore, even if there is a digital printing machine color correction tutorial, it is not reliable. If you want to make a quick or want to find a cheap color master, you should save it. If it is so easy to learn, the color master's salary will not be as high as two. Thirty thousand.
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